The BosScrew™ threadform eliminates Buzz, Squeak and Rattles

Engineered to not loosen over time even after temperature changes and environments with vibration.  Unlike standard screws, the BosScrew threadform turns plastic creep into an asset.  The plastic boss creeps into the notched features on the BosScrew thread to produce an anti-loosening interlock.






Why BosScrew™ Works

Bosscrew™ dimpled thread fastener utilizes the physics of plastic, allowing creep to be an attribute and not a hindrance, to simply stay tight.

BosScrew™ is the only screw specifically designed to NOT loosen in plastic applications

BosScrew™ dimpled thread fastener creates a mechanical interference between the screw and the mating plastic and eliminates the need to use brass inserts, longer engaugements, and more expensive plastics.

BosScrew™ Applications

  • Under Hood
  • Instrument Panels
  • Actuator
  • Drive Train
  • Assemblies
  • Seating
  • Routing
  • Attachments
The ITW Shakeproof BosScrew™ is the only screw for plastics that is designed not to loosen. Its unique thread form, formed using WERCS® technology, works directly with the creeping aspect of plastic to interlock with the boss. The BosScrew™ utilizes standard head diameters and has the highest drive-to-strip ratio in the industry.  This is the maximum performance fastener for most plastic applications because time, temperature, and vibration only strengthen the joint.

The BosScrew™ thread exploits a plastic part’s natural tendancy to creep under stress and will Simply Stay Tight™ regardless of time, temperature or vibration.  The specially engineered dimples hold the fastener as driven and maintain servicability and reusability.

BosScrew™ Thread Application Parameters

The BosScrew can be used in bosses as low as 1.5X its diameter in depth, e.g. an M2.5 BosScrew can be used in a 3.75mm deep hole.


BosScrew™ Thread Availability

The BosScrew thread is readily available in M4 sizes and up.


  • Reduce parts in an assembly; no more inserts
  • Permits the design of shorter bosses-save material
  • No spring components needed in the joint
  • Savings in service issues due to fasteners

Available Features

SEMS – add a washer under the head to span larger holes, protect fragile surfaces, and distribute load.

  • COST SAVINGS – BosScrew™ threadform eliminates buzz, squeak and rattle by utilizing the natural creep in plastic to engage with the unique pressure flank thread form
  • MECHANICAL INTERFERENCE – BosScrew™ threadform creates a mechanical interference on the thread flanks by using the natural creep characteristic of plastic
  • UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE – BosScrew™ threadform can be used in any thermoplastic from polystyrene to highly glass filled plastics
  • DRIVE STRIP – BosScrew™ threadform provides an exellent drive strip ratio in all thermo plastics, the features on the pressure flank rob torque, providing solid preformance
  • SERVICEABILITY – BosScrew™ threadform offers the ability to be installed and uninstalled multiple times without a loos of performance
  • ENVIRONMENT– BosScrew™ threadform is resistant to vibration, high heat, and time, plastic creep is used not compensated for