Behind every project stands the leverage of ITW

Shakeproof’s mission is to provide the automotive industry with value-added products that ultimately help our customers reach greater success.

ITW Shakeproof operates under the Illinois Tool Works, Inc. banner. Our organization is alive with spirit and consistently producing innovative, new solutions, while retaining a decentralized, highly focused management style to most effectively serve our market.

Through our experience, technological innovations, customer-needs focus and commitment to excellence, Shakeproof has become the renowned manufacturer and supplier of standard and advanced fastener technologies.

Since 1923, Shakeproof has been providing innovation to our customers. Our engineers strive to improve customer’s businesses through value-added, quality solutions.

ITW Shakeproof`s aim is to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs for our customers. Behind every project stands the leverage of ITW, it`s renowned Technology Center and Global Product Development Center. Both Groups are focal points for collaborative research and new product development. Consider this an invitation to set up and evaluation of your needs and a review of our capabilities. We think you`ll like what you see.

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