Eliminate Recess Fill!!!


ITW ClearDrive™ Recess Solves Industry Problem


ClearDrive™ is a feature added to the head of a fastener allowing a free channel for organic coatings to flow during the dip spin process and eliminating unnecessary sorting.






The ClearDrive™ Recess feature

After years of sorting out defective fasteners due to recess fill, automakers and automotive suppliers can now benefit from the ClearDrive™ Recess from ITW Shakeproof.  The fastener, which can be used in many automotive applications, provides a solution to an industry wide problem by eliminating recess fill.

  • Allows for the use of low-cost high-performance organic coatings
  • Ensures better bit engagement
  • Works with industry standard drivers
  • Eliminates recess fill and cost of quality
Recess fill has been a commonplace problem on fasteners with dip-spin corrosion coatings. The application process allows paint to become trapped inside the recessed drive on the head of the fastener, forcing manufacturers to sort their product and drive costs up. Fasteners with the ClearDrive™ Recess incorporate flutes into the head for drainage. They do not result in recess fill and correspondingly, are higher in quality and lower in cost.

“Historically, we’ve seen recess fill rates in the5-10 percent range, however they can be as high as 20 percent,” said Seina Savoji, General Manager, ITW Shakeproof. “Our ClearDrive™ Recess has eliminated the problem and will provide innovation within the coating industry to allow for further cost savings for our customers.”

GM and Chrysler have both incorporated the ClearDrive™ Recess on production fasteners.

Available Now

ITW’s ClearDrive™ Recess can be manufactured with several head designs:

  • Pan
  • Round Washer
  • Oval Countersunk
  • Socket or Cap
  • Flat Countersunk

The ClearDrive™ Recess feature is a cold headed feature that allows excess plating to easily flow out during the dip-spin process

  • COST SAVINGS – The Cleardrive™ recess feature can reduce manufacturing cost 70% per pound by replacing high-cost electro platings with low-cost high-performance organic coatings .
  • AUTOMATION – The Cleardrive™ recess feature allows for assembly automation by ensuring a clear recess
  • UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE – The Cleardrive™ recess feature can be specified as an optional head construction for driver sizes T20-T40 in pan-head and round-washer head configurations and ensures bit-fit performance and offers equivalent mechanical performance to comparable standard six-lobe recessed drives
  • TORQUE TENSION – The Cleardrive™ recess feature allows for the use of organic coatings which provide a lower and more consistent torque tension characteristic compared to electroplates
  • ERGONOMICS – The Cleardrive™ recess feature improves assembly productivity by eliminating poor bit engagement caused by recess fill
  • CORROSION – The Cleardrive™ recess feature allows for the use of low-cost high-performance organic coatings which provide superior resistance to corrosion