Cold-Formed Parts

ITW Shakeproof Cold Formed Product

ITW Shakeproof produces Cold Formed Product via a cold heading process, not machining, which provides signifiant cost savings opportunities to our customers and improved microstructures.






Tight Tolerences without the Cost

ITW Shakeproof produces cold formed product utilizing specialized cold heading processes to produce machined-like precision parts.  Instead of machining, which generates scrap and increases cost, cold forming processes are used to generate improve microstructures and precise tolerancing.

Examples of Cold Formed Product

  • Barrel Nuts
  • Collars
  • Capped Weld Nuts
  • Body Mounts
  • Lower Control Arm Nuts
  • Torsion Bars


Product Capability

ITW Shakeproof currently produces a variety of sizes and configurations of Cold Formed Product

Barrel Nut Sizes

  • M10 to M16
  • Up to 100mm in length

Capped Weld Nuts

  • M6 to M10
  • Domed cap or slotted Hex
  • With or without drain hole

Lower Control Arm Nuts

  • M14 to M18
  • Attached Free Spinning Cupped Washer


  • COST SAVINGS – ITW Shakeproof’s cold forming process in less expensive compared to machining
  • UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE – ITW Shakeproof Cold Formd Product are used in a variety of applications
  • DIMENSIONAL CONTROL – Our process produces cold formed tolerancing that can match those produced from the machining process